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Does your smile need a whitening touch up? Roman Roytberg, DDS, offers safe, effective teeth whitening at Waverly Place Dental in New York City. Located conveniently in the West Village, the office is the go-to place for brightening your smile several shades in just one sitting. Let Dr. Roytberg boost your self-confidence and give you a whiter, healthier looking smile. To set up a teeth whitening, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening refers to the process of bleaching your teeth to break up the concentration of stains and discoloration, giving your teeth a whiter appearance. The results are transformative, giving you a smile you’ll be proud to show off. 

If you’re interested in brightening your smile, a professional teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Roytberg is a safe, effective option. It’s cost-effective and convenient, taking less than an hour in the office. 

Professional teeth whitening provides much better results than over-the-counter options because professional whitening agents have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which makes the results more noticeable and longer lasting.

What causes tooth stains and discoloration?

The most common causes of tooth stains and discolorations are from certain food and drinks you consume. Some examples of stain-causing foods and beverages include: 

  • Coffee
  • Dark tea
  • Red wine
  • Mustard
  • Berries
  • Tomato sauce

Another cause of teeth discoloration is your natural aging process. Over time, your teeth’s enamel wears down, revealing the dentin — the yellowish layer beneath. 

Certain illnesses, medications, and tobacco use — smoking and chewing — can also lead to stains and discoloration.

How does teeth whitening work?

In-office teeth whitening is a quick, safe procedure. It takes less than an hour and involves no downtime so you can even make an appointment for a quick touch up to your smile during your lunch break.

Dr. Roytberg prepares a tray lined with a powerful hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel. The whitening solution goes to work on your teeth fast as you bite into the tray. It breaks up the concentration of tooth stains, making your teeth appear whiter. 

Strategically positioned LED whitening lamps may be used to accelerate results, brightening your smile by several shades in less than an hour. Shortly after your whitening, you might feel some slight tooth sensitivity. This should subside shortly, typically within a few hours of the procedure.

An alternative option is a take-home whitening kit. Dr. Roytberg can provide you with a set of trays that you line with gel for you to wear in the comfort of your own home. With this option, in just a few weeks you can achieve similar results to that of an in-office whitening procedure. 

How long do teeth whitening results last?

teeth whitening results should last 1-2 years, if not longer. The key to maintaining your whitening results is continuing to brush and floss diligently and coming in for regular dental cleanings. Also, you may want to try to cut down on stain-causing foods and drinks.

If you’re interested in touching up your smile, schedule a professional teeth whitening by calling Waverly Place Dental or booking an appointment with Dr. Roytberg online today.